PITY THE CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHER. Everything has been done. There are no subjects or ideas left to explore with the Brownie. Literally billions of photos are taken every day, some with real cameras and most with smart phones. We plead with the Muse for Ideas — something new and different that will make other photographers green with envy, saying unto themselves and anyone who will listen to their whining: Why didn’t I think of that?

WAITING for my lunch

JULIE SHIELS‘ book WAITING is just such an affront to my lack of imagination. This limited edition book is a collection of thirty-two photographs, taken with her phone, while she has been waiting. Waiting for son, husband, friends, a seat, to fall asleep, to see the doctor, for the traffic to move — well, we all know about waiting.

WAITING for my filling to set

As Miles Allison says in his essay HOMELESS IN UTOPIA waiting is “the leftover bits of time that function simply to join ‘superior’ activities together.” In other words, forget Henri Cartier Bresson, this is the quintessentially “indecisive moment”. These are pictures of the moment in which absolutely nothing is happening.

The abstracted objects in the pictures are a sort of “I spy with my little phone” moments. Close-ups of knobs, textures, surfaces, colours — the things on which our eye lingers for distraction while we wait.

WAITING for Leo to get back in the car

You need to see it to appreciate it. WAITING is published in a limited edition by M.33 press. More information and ordering details at http://m33.net.au/waiting/

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MY FRIEND FANCISCUS HENRI has set one of Henry Lawson’s poems to music to beautiful effect. Franciscus gave me the audio track he created and asked me to work with him on a music video version of TO HANNA | SPIRIT GIRL.

The video was shot using an OLYMPUS OMD E-M1 camera and the editing was done with FINAL CUT PRO X.

See larger version here [which may not work on all browsers]

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This gallery contains 4 photos.

BILL HENSON’s current exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria is a collection of his recent photographs displayed perfectly in a dark gallery room. Walking into the space where the monumental prints [180cm on the longest sides] are hanging is … Continue reading

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[Prepare for landing chaps]


1/2000 second f2.8 ISO1600 150mm

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