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BILL HENSON’s current exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria is a collection of his recent photographs displayed perfectly in a dark gallery room. Walking into the space where the monumental prints [180cm on the longest sides] are hanging is … Continue reading

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[Prepare for landing chaps]


1/2000 second f2.8 ISO1600 150mm

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I have taken George C’s advice and given Opera a whirl around the world. It is impressive.

Not only can I switch on the inbuilt VPN with one click I can double up by selecting private browsing under File. Thanks for the tip.

I have now used a VPN, a US address [genuine] and one-click PayPal for a few purchases and it works every time. It seems that PayPal doesn’t disclose addresses for digital dowloads, only for physical deliveries.

Or, there may be another explanation…

I have been having correspondence with a UK record shop which only takes Visa and Mastercard. They are sanguine about the use of VPN to disguise location, after all it is to their benefit to sell stuff. But what about checking credit card country of issue?

They don’t do it, but if they did they tell me they would assume that I am on holiday in my VPN location. So I think we can safely go for it.

CHOICE has advice on bypassing geoblocking here…

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A Retired Gentleman with no interest in golf or gardening is clearly in need of a diverting hobby, and what better time wasting diversion than to go in search of the “best” recording of the Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites?

I put “best” in quotes because it is not really applicable in this context. Because the surviving manuscript copy, in the hand of Frau Anna Magdalena Bach, has no markings to indicate how the notes are to be played it is up to the cellist to create his or her own interpretation and consequently no two performances are identical.

That being the case the best I can look for is the version I like. And who am I to say?


I haven’t counted the recordings of the Bach Suites but there must be at least fifty. I have sampled about twenty-five, but mostly only in parts. The best I could do was to listen to bits and look for expert reviews.

Everyone starts with Gramophone, don’t they? Or The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs. Penguin likes Rostropovich, and what is not to like? The great Russian does Bach proud. And Gramophone waxes lyrical about Pierre Fournier’s 1961 recording for DG Archiv.

  • “Of all the great cellists, Pierre Fournier came closer to the heart of the music than almost any other. He seems to have possessed all the virtues of his fellow cellists without yielding to any of their self-indulgences. He could be brilliant in execution – his technique was second to none, as he proves throughout this set – profound in utterance, aristocratic in poise and wonderfully coherent in his understanding of Bach’s articulation and phrases.”

Sounds irresistible? I go immediately to my usual recordings download source, prestoclassical.co.uk, to be informed: Sorry, this download is not available in your country. But I can buy the physical CDs from them. Go figure, as they say.


So-called geoblocking has no legal force in Australia. CHOICE advises Australians on how to circumvent geoblocking by using a VPN [virtual private network]. This is not illegal – in fact it is the region blockers who are infringing the rights of Australian consumers. As long as you intend to buy, not steal the files, you can proceed guilt free.

But VPNs typically cost money and add to the price of the download. The good news is that there is a free alternative.

HOLA is a Chrome browser extension that, when enabled, can put you anywhere in the world with your Australian IP address completely disguised. When HOLA is run from the little flame icon in the Chrome toolbar you get to choose the country you want to be in – the US, UK etc.

Most download sites force you to setup an account with email address and street address with phone number. Make sure you use a Hotmail or Gmail address because they have no country identifiers, such as .au

The best street address to use – with permission – is the address of a friend in the chosen country. Assure them that they are not going to be charged for purchases because you will be using PayPal. You can’t use an Australian credit card because that is another geo-giveaway.


HOLA has a dark side. The company sells access to your computer to botnet bad guys. While HOLA is running on an otherwise idling PC your computer is part of a giant network of similar computers that can be used for nefarious purposes, such as denial-of-service attacks, overwhelming target computers and blocking access from genuine users.

Be aware that HOLA should only be enabled for the duration of the transaction and then disabled.

Scary? A bit. I am taking the risk.


Using HOLA I bought the Fournier Bach recording at the top resolution of 24bit/192kHz from a site that said I couldn’t have it because I live at the Arse End of the World. (Not in so many words, but…) It is magnificent in every way. The recording quality is surprisingly good for its age and the performance is as glorious as Gramophone says.

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